Stop Obamacare Now

  Legal Resource, Fundraising, and Information Clearinghouse

We are a personal freedom watchdog group attempting to file legal actions regarding the un-Constitutionality of the "individual mandate," which violates both due process and habeas corpus protections (e.g., the State DHHSs conduct "mental health" commitments exterior to court oversight  and any insurance supporting such facilities cannot be viewed as lawfully purveyed).

To pass the "individual mandate" as a so-called "tax," the Supreme Court deliberately focused on the "severability" issue, deflecting from the core concern -- the propagation of Constitutional violations that already exist in the nation's profoundly corrupt medical infrastructure today -- by equating the forced consumption of "health insurance" to nothing more than a "tax"; to the contrary, "mental health" services in Maine (among other states) operate within a profoundly un-Constitutional and abusive police and "public welfare" infrastructure: ergo, whether we purvey our own insurance or must do so at the bidding of the government, the heart of the matter is the presence of torture and un-Constitutional imprisonment.

Forcing us to carry "insurance" that perpetuates activity erosive of our rights -- and (especially) the rights of the disabled and poor among us (including psychiatric Survivors) -- is un-Constitutional in the first instance; ergo, it (the deceitfully-labeled "mandate") should not have passed court scrutiny...and would not have done so if the Supreme Court had not unlawfully dismissed lawsuits accurately describing the nation's mental hospitals as un-Constitutional prisons and psychiatric torture facilities.

"Health insurance" that enables doctors and the police to incarcerate individuals exterior to court oversight -- and in violation of the habeas corpus clause of the U.S. Constitution -- is a highly dangerous contrivance designed to erode our right to be free from search and seizure. While the wealthy among us will be able to afford the "fine," the poor will be devastated, not only by the imposition of an unlawful monetary penalty, but because a growing number of disabled poor in this country already seek reprieve from -- (NOTE: and NOT more) -- medical abuse, including the requirement that said individuals visit doctors, including "mental health" practitioners.