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Ben Turner is a legal consultant, pro se litigant, theologian, and anti-psychiatry activist. In 2010, he brought a groundbreaking anti-harassment lawsuit pro se to the Supreme Court of the United States during the same time in which he was subjected to retaliatory premises and medical abuse by Defendants attempting to derail his pro-Closure United States District Court action (Blackhouse v. TLC Properties, et al).


An expert on NDAA, CIA-derived memetic torture, and the dangers of Obamacare’s compulsory health insurance in the context of systemic habeas corpus violations, he is also a witness to ongoing Constitutional and process violations conducted by the SCOTUS and both the Federal and state courts against survivors of psychiatric abuse. Through Obamacare and forced participation in compulsory health insurance, the U.S. government intimidates and harasses such Survivors via domestic “mental health” renditioning practices prohibited as tortured by the United Nations.


Ben is a Phi Betta Kappa graduate of Amherst College and a member of The Summit Lighthouse, an international spiritual organization that founded Montessori International in 1970 to protect and advance the rights and safety of schoolchildren.


A stage actor and experimental artist by training, Ben has appeared in theatrical and television projects as diverse as Portland Stage Company’s “Little Festival of the Unexpected” and NBC’s daytime serial drama “Passions.”


He maintains a special interest in the rights and safety of U.S. and Canadian schoolchildren and remains vigilantly opposed to in-school psychiatric and medical abuse, especially in the context of Obamacare's heedlessly expanding and unprecedentedly militarized national “health care” scheme.

He also advocates tirelessly to stop the unique discrimination and harassment problems encountered by owners of companion animals traditionally termed – or which have the potential to be termed – “service” and “signal” animals.


Ben founded his consultancy in 2010 when he discovered that the U.S. judiciary was ill-equipped to handle the massive consequences of his 2002 abduction from private property and subjection to domestic renditioning and torture in a CIA-sanctioned domestic torture and "repatterning" facility d/b/a a "mental hospital."


Ben is the founder of the Anti-Psychiatry Movement on FaceBook and and uses social media to collaborate with anti-pscyhiatric watchdogs, activists, and human rights attorneys from North America to Croatia and from Israel to Japan.